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We specialize in building custom homes and renovations in the Memphis, TN community. In addition to building in some of the area’s best neighborhoods, we also offer preconstruction management to help our clients navigate their own upcoming projects. We take pride in maintaining the highest quality and attention to detail in our processes, ensuring that you are truly happy in your new home.

We understand what it takes to make each project a success – from lot selection to design and planning, and all the way through the construction phase. We are committed to providing a smooth building process and a collaborative experience so that the finished product is an authentic representation of your vision.

New Homes

A custom home project allows you to create the home of your dreams, never settling for the features that may not be right for your family. At Murphy Custom Homes, we build homes that bring your dreams to life. We work together with you to create a floor plan, complete with the amenities that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

As your homebuilder, we work to ensure that your new home includes every feature you need to match your style. We understand that, for many, we are building a forever home, where owners anticipate growing a family or spending their retirement. Our goal is to create a home that you’re proud of for years to come.

Additions and Renovations

Our renovation and addition projects transform the spaces in which you live without compromising the neighborhood, the community, or other factors that make your home perfect for you. Both additions and renovations require careful planning and attention to detail, as the new structures must blend with the existing home so that there is a seamless transition between the old and the new. Our team has extensive experience creating additions and renovations that are perfect for anyone who loves their current home but wishes to have a space that better suits their needs.

Murphy Custom Homes will work with you to transform your home into a place you can love for years to come. We understand new homes aren’t for everyone and that an addition or renovation project can give your home the update it needs. Whether your family has grown and you need more space or you’re looking to remodel a kitchen, bathroom, or complete a whole-house renovation, we can help you achieve the goals you have for your home.

Pre-Construction Management

Preconstruction management may be one of the most important aspects of building, remodeling, or adding on to your home. Luckily, Murphy Custom Homes is skilled in strategic project development. We are committed to creating a realistic and detailed schedule for the entire project, beginning with the initial design and establishing a budget all the way through purchasing and completion of the project based on the client’s requirements. We work closely with you to identify and solve potential problems before they arise, which streamlines and expedites the construction process. We also facilitate effective communication between you and the building team so that we can ensure the constructability of the design.

During the preconstruction phase, we manage the development of the project’s scope, details, budget, team, materials, and all items necessary for the project’s successful execution. Our effective management in the preconstruction phase allows us to maintain the highest quality and attention to detail while incorporating everything you want in the home of your dreams. After we have successfully completed the preconstruction phase, we are ready to begin construction and have secured all resources needed for a smooth process.

“Michael consistently expects the highest level of skill and professionalism from everyone on his team. This commitment to excellence shows in the finished product.”

Interior Designer

Working with Architects and Interior Designers

Architects and interior designers are both critical partners in the homebuilding process, and we strive to add value to the planning process by collaborating early and often with these stakeholders. Our involvement ensures your vision comes together smoothly by proactively identifying issues and opportunities for improvement. Taking your ideas and budget into consideration, we work in tandem with architects and designers to develop plans that can be seamlessly implemented with minimal revisions.

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